Primary Belt Cleaners

Primary Belt Cleaners

channel_smallGordon Saber Channel Mount (SCM) Conveyor Belt Cleaner

Saber Channel Mount Cleaner
Improved design makes this cleaner tougher, and blade change-out is even easier.

The Saber Channel Mount cleaner has all the great features of the Saber Primary, with a reinforced blade and frame that allows it to take even more abuse. Plus, the blade can be easily replaced from either side of the conveyor, minimizing downtime.


Saber Dual Primary Belt Cleaning System

dual_smallDual Primary Maximum belt cleaning with two primary cleaners on the head pulley.
Many conveyors accumulate too much carryback for one cleaner to remove. Most vendors will tell you that you must use one primary cleaner on the head and one or more secondary cleaners positioned farther down on the belt in an attempt to get the material that remains on the belt after it passes through the primary cleaner. Unfortunately, this carryback material is then deposited under the conveyor and must be dealt with manually, increasing cleanup cost.

dual2_smallDual Primary The Saber Dual Primary positions two primary cleaners on the head pulley. The upper blade cleans the center of the belt, removing the bulk of the fines. The lower blade is standard width and removes the remaining fines from the belt surface. Compact mounting means that the Saber Dual Primary is available to fit most pulley sizes. With the Saber Dual Primary on your belt line, carryback will be a thing of the past.


Saber Max Primary Belt Cleaner


Super Saber Primary Belt Cleaner


Gordon Saber Primary Conveyor Belt Cleaner

primary_smallRemoves carryback at the head pulley, the most efficient point.

Material carried back by your conveyor causes safety hazards, accelerates the wear on all your conveyor components, and is expensive to clean up. The patented Saber Blade and Twister mini_smallTensioner will make carryback the least of your worries.

Gordon Mini Saber Conveyor Belt Cleaner

Mini Saber Blade Big performance from a little blade provides effective cleaning for small head pulleys.
Cleaning small head pulleys can be very difficult and sometimes virtually impossible. Most cleaners designed to work at the head pulley are built for pulleys 24 inches (610 mm) and larger. These cleaners either require more space to install than you have available, or they will wear to an unusable point long before the blade has reached the end of its normal life.

The Mini Saber Primary Cleaner incorporates many of the design features of the Saber Primary, just in a smaller package, incorporating the Mini Twister Tensioner. When small pulleys cause you big trouble, look to the Mini Saber to solve your problems.

sb-art_small     dp-art_small
The Saber Blade: High Performance and Durability

The patented Saber blade shape is special. Carryback is shaved off the belt, not plowed off, at the most efficient point… the belt head. Even belts in excess of 900 feet (274 m) per minute won’t slow it down. The blade angle of attack lets material flow away right at the transfer point, and allows mechanical splices to flow smoothly by.

The rotational movement of the blade is so slight, constant adjustment is a thing of the past. It even resharpens as it wears.

Durable and dependable, the super-premium polyurethane blade will last even under very harsh conditions. If you’re really tired of constant blade changeout… It’s time to change the cleaner, not the blade.

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