Richard Grana to speak at US-EU Conference in Brussels

For Immediate Release:

Richard Grana, Paducah, KY, to speak at US-EU Conference in Brussels

Richard Grana, President/CEO of Impex, Inc. of Paducah, KY, has been selected to attend and speak at the US-EU Transatlantic Trade and Industry Partnership (TTIP) and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Workshops being held in Brussles on Oct. 7-8. Impex is the International Sales and Marketing company that is retained by Arch Enviromental Equipment, Paducah, KY. Impex is responsible for global marketing development and sales management. Mr. Grana also was appointed and serves on the Industry Trade Advisory Committee which is an integral link between the trade industry and the United States Government. Mr. Grana’s experience and expertise in private sector international trade qualified him to be chosen to speak at the upcoming US-EU workshops.

The U.S.-EU Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) workshops were launched in 2011 in Brussels and Washington under the auspices of the Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC), with the goal of enhancing trade and investment opportunities for U.S. and EU SMEs. Small businesses are the engines of economic growth and job creation on both sides of the Atlantic, yet they face a number of challenges that can inhibit their ability to engage in international trade. These meetings launched an ongoing dialogue between the United States and the EU, aimed at developing cooperative initiatives to enhance small business participation in transatlantic trade, address trade barriers faced by SMEs in foreign markets, and exchange best practices on policies of interest to small business.

Please contact Richard Grana of Impex, Inc. at 270-534-8344 or 270-243-0407 with any questions. Oct. 18, 2013