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Conveyor Belt Alignment: Tri-Return Training Idler

Self-adjusting 3-idler design centers conveyor belt automatically, preventing belt damage and spillage due to misalignment.

Tri-Return Training Idler Misaligned conveyor belts can wear the edge of your belting and damage your conveyor structure. Misalignment is also a major cause of material spillage, which decreases the life of your idlers, increases overhead due to cleanup cost, and is a serious safety issue.

The Tri-Return Training Idler uses a patented concave arrangement of three idler rolls on a center pivot to keep your belt in line. The center roll is horizontal and the two outer rolls are mounted at a descending angle. This roll arrangement allows the trainer to fit the full cup of the belt.

Patented Concave
Idler Design

The Tri-Return's idler rolls are mounted on a steel frame with a central pivot point and guidlers on either side, enabling the Tri-Return to conform to the natural cup of the belt -- contacting the entire width of the belt.

Typical flat return roller. standard flat return

Tri-Return Training Idler concave roller. TRI-Return Training Idler

Outperforms Any Other Training Idler

The Tri-Return is unique because it uses 3 idler rolls instead of the usual single roll, allowing the Tri-Return to automatically center your belt. The Tri-Return literally beats other idlers coming and going because it works on reversing belts; most other idlers don't.

And, where the Tri-Return Training Idler prevents misalignment automatically, other idlers may just complicate your alignment problem:

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Wyatt Alignment Disks

An easy and inexpensive way to contain lightweight conveyor belts.

Lightweight belts can be difficult to keep contained. Wind gusts and off-centered surge-loading are two examples of the problems that can cause temporary belt misalignment. Wyatt Alignment Disks are an inexpensive solution and are easy to install.Wyatt Alignment Disks for Lightweight Conveyor Belt Alignment

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