About Us

Since 1991, IMPEX has been committed to meeting the international needs of our clients. Arch Environmental Equipment has retained IMPEX as their International Sales Manager, responsible for global marketing development and sales management. IMPEX not only finds, hires, trains, and offers support for agents and distributors of Arch Environmental Equipment, we also provide the information that our international clients need to keep them up and running, and assist in sales. We now regularly conduct business in over 30 countries worldwide, and IMPEX is always ready to meet the needs of our clientele, some of which are:

  • Mining Companies (Metal and Non-Metals)
  • Port Loading and Unloading Facilities
  • Process and Power Generation (Coal)
  • Cement Production and Aggregate Handling
  • Wood and Wood Products
  • Grain Handling
  • Bulk Food Handling
  • Steel Mills and Related Industries
  • Plastics Industries

It is our goal to provide products to our customers at competitive prices, and to insure that our agents and distributors do the same. In order to make this possible, IMPEX will work with private research facilities, international banks and attorneys, freight companies, and associated government sources on all matters. We can help you with export documentation, third party inspections, financial assistance by working with credit departments, and insuring optimum rates and service on freight. IMPEX also coordinates and resolves any, and all, operational and technical communications between our clients and distributors and our distributors and endusers.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you may have about our products and services. IMPEX is dedicated to providing complete customer satisfaction to all our clients around the world, and we welcome your comments and feedback.